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Rediscover the incomparable taste of tradition

The unique taste of OrtoCori pickles and preserves is born of carefully selected vegetables, processed after gathering using advanced technological processes and the strictest standards of hygiene..

Grilled specialties by Ortocori
Grilled specialties

Grilled Products: vegetables picked fresh, prepared and grilled following the oldest of Italian culinary traditions.

Chopped baby artichokes and Whole mushrooms - The organics by OrtoCori
OrtoCori Organics

Only the best organic products, carefully selected and processed to preserve the true flavours of the natural products.

Creme e condimenti OrtoCori
Spreads and condiments

Unique spreads and incomparable condiments, perfect for appetizers, and a touch of extra creativity to your dish.

Oliveti Italiani oliva gaeta
Italian live groves

Discover the superior taste and flavour of the best Italian olives, renowned and sought all over the world.

I Classici OrtoCori
I Classici OrtoCori

A range of delights to enjoy as an appetizer, antipasto, side dish or ingredient for flavourful recipes.