For over thirty years

A passion, carefully preserved
Cori, Lazio’s historic town built along the ancient consular route of the Appian Way, is a natural balcony of the Lepini Mountains that overlooks the fertile lands of the Pontine Plain and the lush Riviera of Ulysses. This is the birthplace of OrtoCori in 1984: a company that has embraced the ancient art of preserving vegetables in oil and vinegar, rediscovering the delicious recipes of the region.

This preservation is an art of love, based on experience, techniques and respect for the raw materials. Ortocori every day searches for, gathers and enhances the perfection of the treasures that Mother Nature offers us. Always. It is here where the real work begins: preserving the best vegetables of the season, harvested fresh every day, keeping intact the fragrance and authentic flavours of the raw materials. By preserving Nature, we take care of ourselves.

” This style combined with the strong passion for this work,
it becomes the characteristic unmistakable of OrtoCori reality
and it’s revealed from fresh flavor of his ingredients.”

The raw materials and the process

Every vegetable has its season. Our first commitment is to finding the best vegetables on the market, grown and ripened in their natural season, rich in flavour, taste and nutrients at all times, in every place and in every situation.

The transformation process begins with cleaning the vegetables, always fresh from the field and ready for processing over the course of a few hours. In this way we start with a raw material that is alive and fragrant, absolutely perfect, untouched by previous steps. Fibres, vitamins, flavours and taste are complete and unchanged.

“Preserving the nature, we respect ourselves”

Love of the land and the rediscovery of local culinary traditions has led Ortocori to work with original recipes, which, developed and expertly refined over the years, have led to a constantly high yet unsophisticated standard of quality. Nature is always first. Among Ortocori successes is the 1996 A.I.D.A. (International Association for Food Distribution) Oscar for its Carciofetta alla Romana (Artichokes Roman style) as the best ready-made dish.

OrtoCori works directly with selected farms in the Pontine region that are known for their vegetables native to the area, such as artichokes and the Gaeta olive. The high quality and authenticity of OrtoCori flavours are guaranteed by the careful search for only excellent raw materials and scrupulous attention during production.