The choice of OrtoCori is a choice of passion and tradition.

Add one more place at the table!

Grilled Line (Brace), Spread Line (Creme), Olive Line (Oliveti),
just a few of the renowned specialties that have made OrtoCori a name that is recognized and valued in Italy and the world.

Grilled specialties by Ortocori


The grilled line is new and improved

We couldn’t make them better, so we made them more beautiful! Eight grilled specialties preserved in oil, with a unique and inimitable flavour.


Ideas in cooking

Your recipes

Get inspiration from recipes written by some of the best Italian bloggers. Find ideas that are both simple and creative to use the flavours of OrtoCori.


I Bio di Ortocori

Only the best organic products, carefully selected and processed to preserve the true flavours of the natural products.

For over thirty years

we have preserved the taste of tradition intact.

Classici Ortocori, a complete line of everything good and fresh.

Delicious specialties, preserved in oil or vinegar and ready to eat, to adorn any table and to give a creative colour and flavour to many dishes. Vegetable salads, mixed vegetables, mushrooms sautéed, artichokes, olives, pearl onions … The choice is yours.

“The Mediterranean diet is a Cultural Heritage”

UNESCO – Nairobi 2010

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